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Sep 1

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Aug 14

Booth x Brennan

1x04 9x10

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Aug 7


Once Upon a Time + Tumblr Posts: The Swan Queen edition. 
Find The Regina Mills edition here.

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Aug 6


what makes OUAT enjoyable is trying to decide what the no homo explanation could possibly be for swan queen scenes.

I mean:


JMo had obviously just had a coffee-on-trousers incident. The trousers were supposed to be edited in after, but someone forgot.


Clearly, Regina has just noticed a smudge on Emma’s lips. She was pretty emotional about it. She had to step closer to get a better look.


Now, Emma has noticed a smudge on Regina’s lips too. It’s terrible for them. Frankly, it’s carnage. I mean, they’re supposed to dislike each other, but not being upset at a blemish is too far.


Makes perfect sense. Emma didn’t mean “you” as in Regina. She’d heard Regina was a big fan of The Carpenters, and she rushed over to grab herself a copy of their single, ‘You’.

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Aug 2

Emily Deschanel for LAIKA magazine. credit to @ bonesplz on twitter.

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Aug 1


Angie’s rambling deserved it’s own post.

Sasha & Angie: Either Or

Jul 29



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Jul 28

Hey there, Christine. It’s me, your father. Dad, Dada, Daddy. If you’re watching this right now, I’m dead. If I was a good father to you, you’re sad right now. If we had some sort of, like, falling out, let’s just forget about it and move on. It’s not worth it. You know, personally, I’m doing everything I can to get into heaven right now. But your mother believes…well, she thinks that…I tell you what, why don’t you ask her? It’s complicated. These are the last words that I’m going to speak in this world, so here goes.

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